We provide Housekeeping services too and Prime Facility Services is proud to say that basic training is given to add further courteous attitude in staff. Staffs crisp uniform and outlook is checked on daily basis to give them elegant look. Particular service is assigned to each employee to avoid any kind of confusion and not to put any pressure of extra work on them. Our training department teaches them a fixed style to serve food to customers. Our managers do briefing of our housekeeping and Stewards on daily basis where new updates given by clients are shared and feedback is also given to all employees to make sure no mistakes are repeated. Staff has been taught one thing i.e. Client is Always Right . We have system for regular up gradation of work standards by exposing ourselves to outside standards and norms on a continuous basis. We use merit to actively motivate staff for development and believe in result oriented operations and systems. We strongly believe in outlining all the goals very clearly to the staff at all times and ensure results from those yardsticks.

Hygiene and Housekeeping

To maintain the standards of cleanliness of not only the physical area under our control but also the personal area of the staff and their hygiene for improved infection control we work on the following pattern

1. Closer supervision is maintained

2. Cleaning and chartering of equipment schedules is formulated and adhered too.

3. Regular education and requisite awareness of hygiene is imparted to each and every employee.

4. Regular and extensive medical check-ups are carried out by reputed hospitals.

5. Daily briefings to check personal hygiene.

6. Be clean to maintain cleanliness programs are carried out on a frequent basis.

We have well trained team of Stewards who are responsible for carrying out all delivery duties and they face the clients directly. We hire educated people in our steward team as they take all the food orders from the clients, so that they can greet and interact with customers properly. All Housekeeping and Stewards wear different uniforms but they all wear caps to keep food hygiene.

Before we provide housekeeping and steward services to our clients we make sure that our teams are well trained and have ample experience in their respective field. We have trainers with a long and good experience in their field of expertise. These trainers make sure that every employee is properly trained. After training and mock drills only those employees who clear our rigorous tests are selected to work for our clients. Proper checks of employees documents are done before hiring. Even proper police verifications are done for the security of our clients and their property. All verification/medical documents are properly kept for future references. Our Managers keep regular check with our clients for their feedback and to resolve any issues arising quickly and properly.

We believe in imparting proper and thorough information to our housekeeping staff such as at what temperature the utensils are washed to what is the temperature of hot food trolleys. We teach our staff on how to use different cleaning chemicals and how to dilute them so that they don t damage client s property and other company assets. In Prime facility Services it is mandatory for all staff to go through Fire drills and on how to use fire extinguisher equipments in case of fire.