We have our own internal well stocked store where we keep all the raw material used for cooking food as well as ready to eat and drink items. We buy and use only quality products as raw material quality is the most important stage of ultimate quality control in the final productivity of any organization and some of our business partners who provide us raw material are –:

1. Dabur
2. Nestle
3. Amul
4. Britannia
5. MDH spices
6. Cadbury’s
7. Coca cola company
8. Pepsi co.
9. Shakti bhog
10. Hindustan Unilever Limited
11. Annpurna Spices and Pulses
12. Lays
13. Verka
14. Kellogs
15. India gate Rice

We have experienced store keepers who keep the store well managed and stock maintained at all times. Certain fixed steps are followed to buy fresh Vegetables and Fruits on daily basis.

1. All the material, Vegetables and fruits are first checked by the officer who is in charge of purchasing
2. Storekeepers check them.
3. Last check is done by the managers and chef before delivering them for the final cooking.

Proper records of all material are kept to facilitate smooth re-ordering cycle to ensure no shortage of raw material. They are trained to follow correct and strict receiving norms. Store keepers issue accurately as per the required standards for basic quality output. We have a stringent system of reporting for regular feedback and hence control on quality parameters.

For kitchen area we follow a permanent set of instructions. We maintain checklist to ensure that taste, color and look in terms of garnishing to remain the same. We have standard recipe for different items so that taste of each item remains same every time we prepare it. We keep regular food trial to keep quality of food perfect and up to customer expectations. Our Chefs are well educated and have good experience of .kitchen activities.

The food item goes through these steps before being released for service to the clients- 1. Raw material is released from our well managed and well stocked store.
2. Proper cleaning and cutting of Vegetables and fruits are done and checked by the Chef.
3. Food is cooked by cooks according to the recipe provided by the Chef.
4. Chef tastes and finishes.
5. Management tastes and approves.
6. Our Supervisors tastes and approves.
7. Representatives of the clients check food and approves.
8. Item is released for services on exact time given to us by the client.